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Technical Career Training and College Options

Two somewhat technical career fields that are popular with students right now are computer assisted animation design and graphic arts design. Animation is still a small field and not many colleges offer degrees in it, but computer animation production is a rapidly growing field. You can search for a school that offers computer animation design.

Graphic arts design is a more widely taught subject that is popular with third and fourth year art majors as well as students who have artistic talent but yet don't see themselves pursuing a career in art. You can check out schools that offer graphic design classes in Washington State.

Lots of graduating high school seniors want to attend school away from home. While some local students will end up in Seattle, Tacoma or Spokane, others will enroll in universities outside the state. California has several popular colleges that attract local students. New York has the CUNY schools that are popular among New York residents, but many out of state students prefer a private university such as Columbia University (if they can get accepted in and can afford it, of course).

Pennsylvania also attracts a certain amount of Washington high school students. Pennsylvania has a nice assortment of private and public universities to choose from. Browse these schools to see if you want to attend college in the Keystone State.

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